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Elevate your real estate experience with Tameer. From property development to investment consultancy

Contracting Activities

Tameer engages in various contracting activities through strategic allies. This may include construction projects, infrastructure development, and other related ventures.

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Real Estate

Tameer is involved in the real estate market both domestically and internationally. This may involve investment opportunities, property development,

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comprehensive real estate

Tameer offers comprehensive real estate services, which may include property management, valuation, consultancy, and advisory services to clients and investors.

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Renting and Leasing Real Estate

Tameer facilitates renting and leasing of real estate properties. This includes connecting tenants with suitable properties and managing lease agreements on behalf of property owners.

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Selling and Purchasing Real Estate

Tameer engages in the buying and selling of real estate properties. This involves identifying investment opportunities, negotiating transactions, and facilitating property transfers for clients.

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Real Estate Investment Consulting

Tameer offers specialized consulting services to clients interested in real estate investment. Our expert advisors provide insights, analysis, and strategic

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Turnkey Projects

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